Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Over a year later...

and a ton has changed. I know, I know, I'm the worst blogger in the (relatively short) history of blogging. But, in my defense, I'm a notorious procrastinator so really you shouldn't be surprised. To detail everything that has happened since last year would be impossible. I'll try by best to sum up. First, I crushed the LSAT and this fall was officially accepted to the University of Baltimore School of Law. I survived my final soccer season with only a few pretty intense cases of turf burn. I turned 21 and had an amazing time out at the bars with my awesome friends. Fun fact: I ripped the butt of my pants on the way into Powerplant and spent the entire night with a ginormous (clearly not a real word...don't care!) rip down the right buttcheek of my jeans. It was slightly ridiculous! My sister is getting married in 24 days (holy crapp!!) and I am beyond excited. I broke the my college's lacrosse all time scoring record and our team made it to playoffs! Basically, it's been a  crazy senior year but I wouldn't change it for anything. I graduate in just a few short weeks and am more than ready. It's hard to be too excited, though, knowing I will be starting school again in August. I'd say I'm excited for that but really I'm just terrified. I'll add some pictures so you can get an idea of at least some of the stuff I've been up to!

Senior Farewell soccer game

We went as Barbie and Ken for halloween...needless to say this took a bit of convincing
dancing on stage on my birthday...ripped pants and all

the classic monster grill with my soon to be brother in law!!!

halloween soccer practice

we ran a 5k!

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