Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day...

...from me and Poopy! I know, I know, yesterday was Valentine's Day. In all fairness, with the amount of reading I've been doing you should just be impressed I'm managing to blog at all (clearly you are sitting there eagerly every day waiting for me to post...all  people who actually read this). Not too much has occurred recently. I think I've finally managed to settle back into school and get into a good routine. Granted, that routine goes: work,class,work,practice,homework, repeat. Thrilling, I know. This past weekend though I decided to get adventurous and learn how to crochet booties (I'm an old lady). Luckily the wonderful Chrissi had a little baby girl not too long ago so I had the perfect excuse. After a few failed attempts they turned out adorable. You should be impressed. Sorry my life has been entirely boring but interesting things take time, time which I do not have.

I do want to mention this wonderful blog that I am completely in love with:
These girls are fabulous and rock outfits I would never dream of wearing. They're adorable and I can only hope to one day be remotely as witty as they are. Enjoy!

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  1. I'm glad you finally updated because I was about to write you some sad email about how you're a terrible blogger and my life is empty.