Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventures In Cooking

Hello friends! Day 2 in Florida was fabulous! First we got up and took Rommel to the dog park where he proceeded to lose his mind and run around like a crazy man. Then, we went shopping for dinner ingredients. After a very impressive and quick shopping trip we headed out to the hair salon and got our hair cut! We then proceeded to the movie theater and saw Breaking Dawn (it was awesome). Anyone from Maryland will appreciate this: the tickets were only 8 bucks. Even better, we got popcorn,a large drink, and candy for only $10. Back home that would have been a solid $25. The most interesting part of our day came when we started to bake. We decided to make Oreo cupcakes and 3-layer bars. Well, in the instructions for the cupcakes it said 3 egg whites. Naturally, I volunteered myself for the task. With the countless hours I've spent watching the Food Network I figured I could handle it. Well, Paula Dean did not prepare me for the reality of this situation. Separating the egg using the shell looked so easy on TV, in reality it was just a little too much for me. I then, stupidly, decided to channel my inner iron chef and do it with my hands. Ew. It was incredibly gross. I somehow managed to successfully separate the eggs after a large amount of "ewwing" and making ridiculous faces (Lauren took pictures of said faces but they were so awful and embarrassing I couldn't bring myself to share them). All in all, our cupcakes turned out awesome. We only ran into a slight problem when the cupcake holders we bought stuck to the cupcakes themselves. Luckily, I got to get back into my comfort zone and cook some pasta. It turned out yummy (thanks to some last minute tips from Dad). So, with full stomachs and freshly cut hair, we are getting all tucked into bed (if Rommel will move out of my spot, that is) and getting some quality sleep before our excursion to Busch Gardens tomorrow! 
(I'm using Spence's gigantic Mac computer right now and can't figure out how to post pictures so I'll be sure to share some later)a

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