Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well Hello There...

So, I suppose the best way to start out a blog is by introducing myself. I could sit here and relate my whole life story but, to be entirely honest, I doubt anyone would be all that interested (besides, I'm sure I have some sort of paper to write). So here are the basics:

Name: Alli
Age: 19
Current Occupation: Third Year College Student
Major: English
Hobbies: soccer and lacrosse (I play for school...go gators!), cooking, reading.

I have always found, though, that what truly describes a person is their family and friends. I don't think that simply describing them would do them any justice. I believe that photos tend to paint a better picture (no pun intended). 

My sister, Lauren. We think exactly the same way and pretty much have our own language.
Corey, my big brother. He's a combat medic in the Army

Tim, my boyfriend. He's amazing. 
My wonderful soccer team. I love them.

Baxter, the world's worst cat. Sadly, he is incredibly adorable and it's impossible to stay angry at him.
Semma "Poopy Pants," the world's most ridiculous cat. Seriously, she steals pizza and eats with her paws.
The loves of my life.

Knowing that, you may now ask: What is the purpose of this blog?
The answer is simple: To relate my college experience. I attend an all women's university and can hardly say I have had the typical "college experience." I've discovered that college is not all about frat parties (clearly, we don't have any of those) and the stereotypical red-solo-cup ragers. For me at least, it has become about finding who I am as a person. This rings especially true now as I approach the conclusion of my college years. I find myself stuck, trapped by a major I love. I'm essentially having a mid-life crisis at 19. I have changed my mind countless times as to what I really want to do with my life. I suppose this all part of the journey, a journey I now aim to share with you.


  1. Beautifully written Ally....matches you perfectly!

  2. Yesssss I'm so pumped that you're doing this. I basically pee my pants every time I read something you write, Ally. muahahaha.

  3. Alli, I absolutely LOVE that you are doing this!!! I will read as much as possible :) Love you, mean it!