Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogging From Florida..

I was going to blog from the plane but AirTran is stupid. I kid you not, I brought my laptop for the sole purpose of blogging while on the play. Alas, I was disappointed. They make you pay for wi-fi on the airplane and as much as I enjoy blogging, I was not about to pay for it. Also, the whole stereotype of friendly stewardesses is complete blasphemy. The stewardess was rude to put it kindly. The people on the plane were nice to me but I'm pretty sure they all thought I was an unaccompanied minor (thanks braces). Anyway, I survived my flight and a special fluffy friend was waiting in the car for me. Naturally, our first stop was to a pizza place. Then, we went to the apartment and are already watching Say Yes to the Dress! Night 1 is already an official success!

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