Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday...

So, it's only 9:45 but I just couldn't contain my excitement and had to share my day so far. Sadly, my friends, I am 19 years old and have braces. I know what you're thinking, "oh that's not so bad. Better to get them now than when you're 30."  I've heard it all before, trust me. However, the combination of braces and the fact that I'm tiny has caused me to look like a 12 year old. Seriously, people legitimately think I'm in middle school. On a good day someone might guess 16. Now, this hasn't been all bad. I mean, I get cheaper movie tickets and stuff which is nice. 2 years and 3 months ago (yes I know the exact date, don't judge) I go my braces on. In two months I will finally be getting them off! However, there is a catch. After they take off my braces, I have to wear a retainer that will perfect my bite. This is no ordinary retainer my friends. As my orthodontist put it, "it looks like a mouthguard." I'm not talking a little one that covers your top row of teeth. Oh no, I'm talking full-on, looks like on of those snore reducing things, mouthguard (don't worry, I'll be sure to post a picture). I have to wear it for the first 48 hours straight and then only at night and for 4 hours sometime during the day. How long I have to do this for- I'm not sure. So, yes I will look incredibly goofy, make fun all you want (cough cough Tim and Mark) but at least I will no longer look like a small child.

Now, on to more important things. Today is veterans day and as you know, an important day for my family. So I want to wish a happy veterans day not only to those close to me but to everyone currently serving as well as those who have served in the past.

Spencey Poo

And in honor of my recent orthodontal news, I felt it necessary to post a classic "mosnter grills" picture. (metal-mouth mania 2007 anyone?!?)

And yes boys, I did pick the most ridiculous pictures of you I could find

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  1. NO MORE BRACES?!?!?! wooooo!!!!! a mouth guard retainer though? bahahahaha awesome. i want pictures, lots of pictures. I am going to miss monster grilling though :( ONE MORE WEEK!