Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm A Complete Failure...

I haven't posted in a week and am clearly a horrible blogger. Frankly, I've just been lazy. The rest of my time in Florida was fun. I sat next to some thug life guy on the plane who told me he was going to "hit me up on facebook." Thanksgiving was delicious. Then, sadly I had to return to school. Only two more weeks of class until finals! Today, though, was at least somewhat interesting. Now, if you don't know, I drive a 1996 Mustang. It's purple. When I say purple I mean seriously, hardcore, purple. To make it even better, due to an unfortunate accident (the Stang doesn't do rain), she now has a black hood.The Stang and I have a love-hate relationship. I swear the car knows when I talk behind it's back. One night I'll say the Stang is being crappy and the next day she won't start. Or, for example, it won't start for me but if my dad comes over to fix the problem it starts right away. She has become pretty much an honorary member of the soccer team. While I was in Florida my dad put some serious cash into the Stang to fix her leak (did I mention my dad's the best?). Of course, I'm late in doing my Emissions test (as usual...at least it was only a month this time).So, I talked to my dad last night and we decided it'd be a good idea if I went today, considering I've been driving on suspended tags. I woke up, got ready for class, said bye to poopy and bax, and headed out to the Stang. I proceeded to turn the key. Nothing. She had decided not to start. I then called my dad and shared the news. At this point he's used to getting regular calls about the Stang. He gave me some pointers and we got it to start. Later, I returned from class and then headed out to get my test done. Naturally, as I was approximately 5 minutes away from the station, the Check Engine light comes on. It's like she knew. I ended up going to the station and getting the test done even though I knew I would fail. But, for any of you who didn't believe me, I told you the car has a mind of it's own. 

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  1. hahahaha that car seriously hates you with a passion....true story, right before I read this I thought "alli has really been slacking with this whole blog thing" lazy bum.